Transportation policies in San Francisco

In 1999, the San Francisco Municipal Transport Agency (SFMTA) created and was charged with the implementation of transportation policies. The creation was done by merging the Parking and Traffic department with the Muni, the bus agency. Since its creation, SFMTA’s governing board has been in charge of policy setting. The board members are appointed by […]

Transportation around San Francisco

San Francisco has about 50 square miles of road network, streets, and alleys. The dense network can make visitors afraid to visit and travel around it. You do not need to fear. This article is going to give you tips that will make you a transportation guru in San Francisco. Not only is it easy […]

Using the San Francisco public transport

There are many things to love about San Francisco. From mouth-watering cuisines, Victorian house, the hills etc. Tourists planning to visit the city always wonder whether to drive or use public transport. The best advice would be not to drive around the city. It is hectic getting a parking slot and the traffic is a […]